Badass Dove Cameron Is Sexy As Hell

September 18, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

More Dangerously Sexy Dove Cameron Please

Call it punk rock, call it biker girl, call it bad girl, call this version of Dove Cameron whatever you want, but I'm going to call it the sexiest version of Dove Cameron ever. Seriously, more badass Dove Cameron. She's never been sexier and honestly, she's never scared me this much and I love it.

I'm used to seeing Dove Cameron all lit up with bright colors and sunshine and flowers and while I have found that sexy before, this new and dark, mysterious Dove Cameron is way sexier than I ever could have imagined. There is just something sexy about the black lipstick, the bra, and the thought that if badass Dove Cameron asked you kiss and you didn't she'd probably knife you. That's crazy, no one should want that, but damn it, Dove Cameron and her sexiness has me thinking that's the sanest thing anyone could do in a relationship. She's not the girl you want to take home to meet your family, but you'd leave everything behind to go with badass Dove Cameron on a ten week road trip without any planning.

I have little doubt we'll get the regular, sexy Dove Cameron that we've all come to know very soon. But these pics, oh these pics, are going to be with me (and probably everyone else) for a long time. Long live, badass Dove Cameron. But if you miss normal Dove Cameron, here she is working out:

photos via King Kong Magazine

video via Dove Cameron on Instagram

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