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Put Your Phone Down and Romance It Up!

Jacky St. James has written and directed New Sensations Romance's latest release "Love In The Digital Age". It is a rom-com that is about how technology gets the way of experiencing real human moments and it's really fucking brilliant. Here's what she had to say about her latest truly great movie.


So how are you, Jacky? How are things with you?

"Doing well. Working a lot and staying creative!"

What do you enjoy most about writing and directing the romance porn genre?

"It's fun because nobody is really doing much of it anymore. It's kind of a less explored genre nowadays. The world is inundated with depressing, sad storylines and fauxcest. Come on people! Let's bring a little fun back to adult! I like working in the romance genre mainly because I enjoy writing stories with positive outcomes and strong female protagonists. Plus, sex is hotter when there's a connection between two, consenting and willing adults. At least, in my opinion."

What inspired the story of a millennial woman who disconnects from technology to get more in touch with herself?

"I pitched the idea to New Sensations after really thinking about how technology has negatively impacted my own life. I feel like the younger generations have it really hard. They have never known life without technology and so many of them are missing out on the real connections two people can have IN REAL LIFE. Technology really pulls us away from ourselves and isolates us into a world that isn't rooted in reality. "

You have cast Gia Paige in a hell of a lot of your movies. What is it about Gia that makes you come back to her so often?

"There are certain people throughout my career that are just special people to me. Gia is one of those people. I can remember the first time I ever met her - it was on an Eddie Powell set and I remember how profoundly I was drawn to her. She had a maturity and a vulnerability that is often absent in adult. I knew I wanted to see her as often as I could and surround myself with her incredible energy. Not to mention that Gia is an outstanding actress. She goes beyond what is on the page. She listens within the scene to the other characters (which to me the is skill SO FEW PEOPLE have in adult) and she exists in the moment. She always surprises me and her delivery is always, always authentic."

What is your favorite scene in "Love In The Digital Age" and why?

"Oh Gosh. Well, I know in the editing process, it was a scene when Logan [Pierce](whose character is inspired by Tom Leykis) says, 'She belongs in the trash with the rest of them,' because it (to this day) makes me laugh out loud. I can't get over that line. It was an improvised line but I loved it so we kept it. It's just so douchey and he delivered it so perfectly! However, if I am to pick only one scene, I would choose the one between Mona [Wales], Gia, and Kenna [James] where Kenna's character basically proposes the idea of giving up their phones. I like the dialogue in that scene and I like their delivery. They really nailed the humor and timing and I also liked that we had three, very strong women at the helm of this movie. I was proud."

What do you want couples to take away from this movie?

"To put down their phones and have a conversation. That is all. Nowadays, that is a rarity. Go to any restaurant and it's so rare that you'll see anyone who ISN'T on their phone. Even if people are engaging, it's to show each other something on their phone. People need to put the phone away and talk. Even for an hour. That's it. Just talk. You'll learn so much. You'll be rooted back in reality. You'll see something deeper and more beautiful than ANYTHING that exists on the internet. I promise you."

What is your favorite romantic movie that you have directed in your career to date and why do you love it so much?

"Probably 'Torn'. I loved it because I think it was the first time we took the romance genre and turned it on its head. Romance had really become very formulaic in the business. Cheesy at times and other times way too serious. 'Torn' was kind of an art house movie with some humor and some serious moments and it took an age old story (an older man cheating on his wife with a younger woman) and explored something new about it. There was no bad guy. The film was about empathizing with everyone effected by infidelity - including the people having the affair. There are a million sides to a story - why not explore all of them? Why not try to understand people a little more?"

How does New Sensations support you best as a creator?

"Scott [Taylor] really trusts the judgment of myself and our crew and he respects me as a writer. When you have the respect, you have a level of freedom that doesn't make you second guess yourself. You know the producer believes in your talent so you just go with your gut. Scott doesn't hire people again and again if he doesn't believe in them. He doesn't operate like that. I feel free to really push myself and explore without worrying, 'is he going to hate this?' I also will add that Eddie Powell has never failed to bring my stories to life in the most original and incredible way. He is a perfectionist and he cares so deeply about putting out a quality product. There is nobody in the business with his level of all-around talent and skill so when I get to work with him - I know whatever we do will be fantastic. I have that much confidence."

So what else is coming up for you?

"I'll be releasing a movie called 'Paparazzi' for Mile High and I'm working with a new company Bellesa on their first venture into original adult content. For me, it's really about staying busy, creating, but also trying to give myself the freedom to LIVE my LIFE."

What would you like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"Thank you for following my work and supporting me during my career. I absolutely love hearing from all of you! Find me on Instagram and Twitter (username jackystjames and my blog:"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of New Sensations Romance. Click right here to watch "Love In The Digital Age" right now!

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