I Like Big Clits And I Cannot Lie….

September 14, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Big Clit, Big Orgasm!

Meet Gypsy Doe. She is an American amateur porn performer and here, we get to see a super duper, hella close up view of Doe's lovely, very large clit. It is definitely one of the largest clits that I have ever seen and I really think that it is super pretty. I love how pointy it is and that pink hue that it has is just absolutely lovely, isn't it? As far as clit goes, this one is definitely a perfect 10.

Doe decides to rub one out for us and I love how we get to see this super close view of a big clit orgasm at its finest. She does not really need any penetration to get off. She just needs to give that big clit of hers some digital attention and then the magic happens. The muscular contractions are pretty fantastic and I love how she reacts to the great feeling of an orgasm well had. This is definitely a clit worth noting and appreciating, people. Good stuff, indeed. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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