Lexie Fox Gives Her Lesbian Anal Cherry To Penny Pax Over at Lesbian X

September 14, 2018 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Lexie Loves Her First Time!

Brand new porn performer Lexie Fox has her very first lesbian scene and her first ever lesbian anal experience with top porn star Penny Pax in their new scene together over at Lesbian X directed by Mason. It is a huge deal to do your very first lesbian porn scene, let alone have your very time girl/girl anal thing happen but I really do not think that Fox could have made a better choice than to do all of it on the Lesbian X set with Pax and Mason.

Pax really knows how to give a ton of pleasure and she has Fox getting off hard from the glass toy in her ass in no time. She even teaches young Fox to fuck Pax's elastic, wonderous and celebrated bung just the way that Pax likes it. Pax has Fox getting a hard, good anal fucking here and it is awesome watching Fox get off on this new to her pleasure. Fox is just so lucky that this is so she gets to experience this and it is fucking awesome that we all get to see it.

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