Five Reasons Why I Love My New Girl/Girl Showcase "Angela Loves Women", by Angela White

September 6, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Angela Loves The Ladies, For Sure!

AVN Hall of Famer/AVN Female Performer of the Year Angela White has directed, produced and stars in "Angela Loves Women 4" and it is a treat and a half for girl/girl lovers. Go buy it now!


"'Angela Loves Women 4' is by far the best girl/girl movie I’ve ever produced and directed. I wanted to showcase the beauty and talent of my incredible co-stars so we spent long hours on set to capture gorgeous shots of Aidra [Fox], Riley [Reid], Karlee [Grey] and Ivy [Wolfe] on their own. The cinematically shot intros create a unique atmosphere for each intimate encounter while my accompanying voiceovers set the tone for the passionate and sensual sex that ensues. These are, hands down, the best girl/girl scenes of my career.

"I’ve always been attracted to intelligent women, and Aidra Fox has that dangerous combination of beauty and brains. When I first met Aidra, I felt an immediate connection with her. Aidra has the kind of presence and energy that makes you want to be close to her. Her sensuality and passion make her an incredible lover and our genuine chemistry makes this one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever shot."

"Riley fucking Reid! Everybody loves Riley. She always has a smile on her face and her laughter is infectious. It’s as if Riley only knows how to have fun. This was my first time getting the superstar all to myself and I enjoyed every second."

"Ivy Wolfe is the sexy bad girl of this release. With red lips and smoldering eyes, Ivy will captivate you from the moment she steps onto the screen. She is a wild one and she certainly brought out my wild side. Our encounter is fervent and intense, and will leave you breathless."

"By now I’m sure everybody knows how I feel about Karlee Grey. I absolutely adore her. We’ve shot together countless times and our intimacy and lust only grows with each new encounter. I can never get enough of her lips, her smell, her skin on mine. I love Karlee and you can feel the love in this scene."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Angela White Productions. Follow White on Twitter to keep up with all of her extremely sexy porn star doings and click right here to watch "Angela Loves Women 4" right now!

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