Meet Shauna Sexton, Playmate At The Middle Of Ben Affleck's Cheating Scandal

August 21, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Shauna Sexton Is Pretty Hot Topless

I think we all got a little upset at Ben Affleck for what he did to Jennifer Garner because, let's face it, Jennifer Garner is gorgeous and deserves to find happiness in her life. But... now that they've both moved on, Shauna Sexton is hot. I mean, she's like super duper sexy.

So, let's not focus on the negative of the story. Instead, let's just think all about Shauna Sexton's breasts. They are some of the finest breasts I've ever seen. Sure, that might be overselling them, but damn she's hot. I mean, she's like really hot. I have no idea if Shauna Sexton is going to jump into the modeling world, but I think she'd make a mighty fine model. She looks pretty awesome without any clothes on so one might imagine that if she were in clothes she'd probably be hot as well. I think we can all agree that Shauna Sexton would be pretty sexy in a bikini or lingerie. Probably not as sexy as she is right now, but none of us would turn away.

They say we should all try to find the silver lining in all the dark clouds and I think a topless Shauna Sexton is a pretty great silver lining. In fact, Shauna Sexton's boobs might everyone's silver lining no matter the problem.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Playboy 

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