We Salute You, PG-13 Nudity!

August 11, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

PG-13 Needs A Come Back

It's kind of hard to believe these days, but not so long ago seeing a PG-13 movie meant you might actually see some boobs or some butts or even some bush.  Yes, PG-13 nudity wasn't such a rare thing and it's kind of sad we've strayed away from it. Well, not so much "we" as the Motion Picture Association of America has started giving movies with the slightest nudity a higher rating.

If you're like me your mind is racing with seeing a PG-13 movie growing and all of sudden seeing some boobs making your movie going experience so much better. For me, I will never, ever, ever forget Julie Warner coming out of the water in Doc Hollywood. Sure the movie was pretty good so far, but the moment a soaking wet and completely nude Julie Warner flashed across the screen the movie was forever cemented in my mind. It's still one of my favorites to this day and it's all because of Julie Warner's nude scene. And that movie is rated PG-13! Hands down that movie would be rated R today. It really makes no sense, it really doesn't. Violence and language and adult themes seem to remain in PG-13 movies. For some reason, all the folks at the MPAA have something against nudity and sex. Yet, Titanic won an Oscar and have some of Kate Winselt's finest nudity. We really need to get some people in the MPAA who are fine with boobs.

So, tonight raise a glass or do whatever you do to celebrate and let's give PG-13 nudity the honor it truly deserves. We Salute You, PG-13 Nudity!

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