Megan Fox In A See-Through Top Is Only The Beginning

August 1, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Megan Fox & See Through Lingerie Is A Great Combo

One thing all of us can agree on is the fact we'd love to see Megan Fox topless. No doubt each and every one of has dreamed of the day when Megan Fox would finally go topless in movie or television show. Well, my friends I believe that day will soon be upon us for here is Megan Fox in some of her lingerie that just happens to be all kinds of see-through.

Sure, this is an Instagram post so there has to be an emoji over the nipple, but knowing that she's rocking some of her own lingerie means she's probably going to wearing this in one in a photo spread. Hell, this could be a behind the scene type Instagram post. Megan Fox is giving us a sneak preview into not only her latest and greatest lingerie pieces, but also that we might be finally, finally going to see her boobs. Man, I feel like a kid in a candy store with the winning golden ticket and a pill that will never make me fat so I can get all the candy I want. I guess you could say the prospect of seeing Megan Fox's boobs have got me just a touch excited.

So, we'll totally be keeping our eyes out for the next Megan Fox lingerie spread in the hopes that we will finally see her boobs. Whether we do or not, seeing Megan Fox in lingerie is always great.

via Megan Fox on Instagram

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