Nina Dobrev's Hotness Glows In The Dark

July 31, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Nina Dobrev Is More Than Pretty In Pink

You might say it's her bright pink bikini, you might say it's that the sun is still up so it's not dark, but you'd be wrong. It's all Nina Dobrev and her Nina Dobrev hotness that is lighting up the night. Well, not really the night, but it's giving her bikini body a lovely glow, even in the brightest of day.

I guess you could say that Nina Dobrev is really putting the "hot" in hot pink bikini, if you catch my drift and you are so catching my drift. There are few things I find to be hotter than Nina Dobrev in a bikini, no matter the color. Though, I'm becoming a really big fan of hot pink, a color that I would stay away from before. Now, there's a charm to it. There's a warmth that I haven't felt before when I looked at hot pink. It's like when I look at it all I see is Nina Dobrev's incredible body. Don't know if I'll paint every single wall in my apartment hot pink, but maybe an accent wall. Some new hot pink throw pillows. And a framed picture of Nina Dobrev in a hot pink bikini. I mean, is a house really a home without a Nina Dobrev bikini pic on the wall?

You know, this whole Nina Dobrev in a hot pink bikini has me thinking about a great idea; Nina Dobrev hot pink bikini night lights. They'd sell like hotcakes.

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