Lorena Brink Does Some Great POV Masturbation

July 27, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Lorena Rubs One Out!

Sexy brunette Lorena Brink gives us a POV look at her masturbation experience in this great clip. Brink is an American who lives in Europe and makes great videos like these for a living. We never get to see her great tits here which is really OK because naturally, not every woman does breast play as part of a solo experience. Brink gives the world a clip of how she and a lot of other women get off in private and that is freaking awesome.

I love how the underwear never come all of the way off, like she has to get the job done in a hurry, perhaps. Those panties go right back on when she is done getting off.  I love how you can hear her breathing speed up and how she tries to show us on her fingers just how wet her pussy is. She rubs her pussy quicker and slower, giving herself just the type of pleasure that she knows she needs to get off.

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