Courtney Stodden Cools Off With A Skinny Dip

July 24, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Did That Bikini Stay On Very Long?

I have always believed that the joys of owning a pool would be canceled out by the demands of owning a pool. It's a lot of work to have a pool and honestly, I don't believe I'm up for the job. But then I see Courtney Stodden going skinny dipping on a hot day and I believe that there is nothing greater one can do in this world other than owning a pool.

And yes, I know that even if I owned a house with a pool the odds of Courtney Stodden coming over to go skinny dipping are slim to not a chance in hell, but still I could look out my window and see that shimmering water and think about Courtney Stodden being all nude. That sounds like a good investment to me, that's getting my money's worth. Sure, there are plenty of objects that make me think of Courtney Stodden nude, but there's something special about Courtney Stodden skinny dipping. Don't know if I can put my finger on it, but man that's got my head swirling.

Another plus to having a pool would be thinking about Courtney Stodden in a bikini. Well, maybe I should say thinking about Courtney Stodden barely in a bikini. Seriously, seeing that bikini kind of makes you wonder if the skinny dipping was on purpose or on accident because when she jumped in the pool it came off.

via Courtney Stodden on Instagram

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