Happy Birthday Suit Day Elisabeth Moss!

July 24, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Elisabeth Moss Has A Beautiful Birthday Suit

Birthdays are all about celebrating and frankly I can't think of a better way to celebrate Elisabeth Moss' birthday than by celebrating her birthday suit. So throw on your party hat, grab one of those noisemakers, and let's celebrate Elisabeth Moss' wonderful, nudity-filled career.

I think we should try to come up with a name for people who love Elisabeth Moss. Moss-heads? How does that sound? I mean, no doubt Elisabeth Moss has garnered a die-hard fan base, and with good reason. How many times have you tuned into something simply because Elisabeth Moss was in it? I can name at least three different times I had no desire in watching something until I heard Elisabeth Moss was going to be flashing across my screen. And yes, I did find a way to make a pun there. I'm sure all the Moss-heads out there got it. Though, she doesn't have to get topless in order to get me to tune in. Sure, I'm always hoping that Elisabeth Moss will get nude in whatever she's in, she's got one hell of a body. All I'm saying is she's hot when she's dressed and when she's in her birthday suit.

So, if you want a cake, make a cake. If you want to have a dance party, get on your boogie shoes. Do whatever you want to do to celebrate the birth of Elisabeth Moss. As for me, I'm going to check out her awesome birthday suit. Happy birthday, Elisabeth Moss! Thanks for all the nudity!

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