No Matter What, Paris Jackson Is Sexy

July 23, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Not Surprised By Paris Jackson's Sexiness

We all had a pretty good idea that Paris Jackson was most likely sexy all the time, no matter what. Well, we finally got the proof because here's Paris Jackson as Sonya Blade and Paris Jackson being a model and she is pretty damn hot doing both.

Though, this now has me hoping for a Mortal Kombat reboot of some kind starring Paris Jackson. I know those movies were terrible, but they were terrible in the fun way. You know, before video game movies took themselves way too seriously. Sure, they'd want to do some gritty and dark Sonya Blade movie, I think we'd all be down for that. As long it had Paris Jackson in this ensemble, we'll be totally fine. Now, I know the odds of a Mortal Kombat reboot are slim to none, but I'm totally okay with that because we'll still have Paris Jackson the model. Yeah, she's probably one of the few people who can cover their boobs with a shoe and make it look sexy. Most of the time you would see a shoe over a boob and just find it silly. Well, there's nothing silly about Paris Jackson and her shoe cleavage.

photos via Fashion 9

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