Elsa Hosk Always Looks Hot

July 20, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Don't Need Anything To Make Elsa Hosk Beautiful

As I have said hundreds of times before and I'm sure I'll be saying hundreds of times again, I'm all for artists trying new things. Be bold, make art, get out there and explore the world, but when Elsa Hosk is your model, just take regular pics of her. You don't need to be out of focus or have her at a weird angle. It's Elsa Hosk! She's incredibly beautiful, show off that beauty!

I'm not trying to harp on anybody, we've all got jobs to do, but if your job involves taking sexy pictures of Elsa Hosk, you really don't have to do too much. All you really need to do is put Elsa Hosk in whatever clothes you've got lying around, put some lights, and BAM! You have created some of the sexiest pics. That's really it, that's all you need to do. You don't need super up close face shots, though Elsa Hosk has a beautiful, you don't need to have her with her legs over her head, though Elsa Hosk has beautiful legs, all you need to do is take a nice, clean, in focus picture of Elsa Hosk.

True, you can't take a bad picture of Elsa Hosk so, trying new things with her is easy. Still, nothing beats a straightforward pic of Elsa Hosk.

photos via Issue Magazine

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