Where Is The Emily Ratajkowski Bikini Book?

July 16, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Emily Ratajkowski Makes The Bikini Sexier

No one can disagree with the fact Emily Ratajkowski knows how to wear a bikini. She has worn some of the sexiest bikinis any of us have ever seen. With each one, her body looks more beautiful than the last time. That's the power of Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini. So, this begs the question; where is the Emily Ratajkowski bikini coffee table book?

You might have laughed at the idea of a book with nothing more than pictures of Emily Ratajkowski in various bikinis resting on your coffee table, but I'm not making a joke. There is nothing strange or funny about having a book filled with beautiful pictures. There are books on beaches, trees, animals, space, you name it there is probably a book on it. So why not an Emily Ratajkowski bikini book? It kind of makes perfect sense to me. She can put it together herself. She can use some Instagram pics, some done by professional photographers, and maybe some hidden gems that we haven't seen before. I'm telling you, an Emily Ratajkowski bikini book would be a New York Times Bestseller for months.

You know, an Emily Ratajkowski bikini book could totally be the in works and she just hasn't said anything about it. I'd buy at least 10 copies and give them all to my friends. Well, I'd keep one for me because I totally want to see Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini whenever I want.

via Emily Ratajkowski on Instagram

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