Kira Noir Experiences Sexual Medical Experiments Over at Pure Taboo

July 10, 2018 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

It's For Science....Sorta

Teen athlete Kira Noir has signed up to take part in doctor Danny Mountain's clinic trials in their new scene together over at Pure Taboo directed by AVN Hall of Famer Craven Moorehead. Mountain tells her that the tests are all about how she responds to stress and stimulation and he is pretty creepy but she hangs in there. You see, her father is out of work and the money for taking part in the test will help her family out.

He has her work out on a bike, making sure to get a good whiff of the seat when she is off of it and he has her show him how flexible she is on a yoga mat. Eventually, he brings out a vibrator so he can see her responses to that. Noir objects but she needs the cash and he offers to triple what she will be paid if she stays. She buzzes away while he watches, his cock getting harder as she plays with the toy. Eventually, he wants to fuck what happens then over at the site!

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