Ireland Baldwin Topless In A Pool Is The Perfect Image Of Summer

July 12, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Ireland Baldwin Stripped Down To Her Undies To Go Swimming

Whenever I think about summer my mind drifts to those warm days on the beach. I can feel the sand on my feet, hear the waves crashing, and see the hot sun shining down on me. You say summer, that's where my mind goes. At least that was where my mind went, but that image is going to be replaced by Ireland Baldwin topless in a pool.

Yep, I don't think anything will describe summer better than Ireland Baldwin topless in a pool. Sure all that sun, surf, and sand was fun, but not as great as Ireland Baldwin holding her breasts in a nice, blue pool. Plus, she's not even wearing a bikini bottom. Nope, those are panties. She mentioned that little tidbit in her Instagram post. So, that means Ireland Baldwin was just hanging out and thought; "I need to get in a pool." She stripped off everything except her undies and got right in. Thankfully someone was able to capture this moment for all the world to see. And now we all know what summer really looks like.

I'm looking forward to the next someone mentions the word "summer" to me. My mind is going to drift to such a beautiful place. Yeah, summer is pretty damn Ireland Baldwin topless in a pool.

via Ireland Baldwin on Instagram

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