Elizabeth Hurley Jumping On Trampoline Is Just As Awesome As You Thought

July 12, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

It's As Hot As Elizabeth Hurley In A Bikini

Come on, we've all thought about it. Each and every one of us has closed our eyes and pictured Elizabeth Hurley jumping on a trampoline. Guess what? She did it and it's just as awesome as you thought it would be. And if you claim to "have never thought about Elizabeth Hurley jumping on a trampoline" then it's just as hot as Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini.

And to prove that fact, here's a picture of Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini just to remind everyone of how hot that is... like any of us could ever forget that fact. I mean, Elizabeth Hurley posts a bikini pic on Instagram on every day that ends in Y. She has thousands, if not millions of bikini pics out there and we've seen every single one of them. Sure, I may not be good with numbers, but one thing I am good with is remembering the hotness of Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini.

So, go ahead and enjoy Elizabeth Hurley jumping on a trampoline. Look at her go up and down and smile to yourself because you are finally getting to see in real life something you've dreamed of for a long time. Also, try and figure out if she's not wearing a bra (or bikini top). I gotta be honest, I think she might be topless under that dress/wrap thing.

via Elizabeth Hurley on Instagram

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