Crack Is Most Definitely Not Wack

July 9, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Yay For Ass Humping!

This amateur couple does a scene here where the lady kindly shares her ass crack with her beloved. This is so awesome to watch. Back in the day way before I was sexually active, my ass crack served as the getting off point for my gentleman caller that day when they wanted access to my body. You see, I wasn't ready to totally give my holes up because those involved all kinds of issues but my crack could be accessed without any complications later other than washing my underwear.

She has a small white thong under those booty shoots and I love how he uses those almost as a handle at some points here. She doesn't do what I used to do in this situation which is to simultaneously use the shorts to rub my clit with while he is doing his thing in the back. She must have other plans for herself later. Anyway, this kind of humping is always so much fun. I love how the spots appear on her booty shorts too.

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