Bella Hadid's Red Bikini Is Turning The Heat Up

July 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Red Has Never Looked Better

I have no idea if Bella Hadid is fresh from a day at the beach or she was soaking up the sun by the pool. It's possible that Bella Hadid just got a spray tan. And it could be that Bella Hadid is doing a photo shoot for some bikini company. I don't have the answers for why Bella Hadid is in a red bikini, the only thing I know for sure is the temperature just went up.

Seriously, it got five degrees hotter and it's not just me. I can see everyone around the office fanning themselves, someone is looking to turn up the AC. I'm pretty sure this is all because of Bella Hadid in her red bikini. I mean, besides showing off her amazing bikini, her fantastic cleavage, she's also giving us a touch of underboob, and that alone is going get the world hotter. Seriously, it's so hot in here, someone needs to open a window or something. I'm going to have to go and stick my head in the freezer because Bella Hadid in her red bikini is just so damn hot.

Okay, I gotta go get some ice water and have some ice cream or something because it's burning up in here. Bella Hadid and her bikini are just that damn hot.

via Bella Hadid on Instagram

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