Some Days You Can't Get Enough Danica McKellar

July 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

The Universe Should Give Us More Danica McKeller

There's just something about Danica McKellar doing a bikini selfie that makes you realize that there's just not enough Danica McKellar sexiness in the world. I understand that there is only one Danica McKellar and she can only give off so much sexiness, I mean she has other things to do, but man some days you just need, want, and hope for more and more Danica McKellar sexiness.

Would it be too much to ask for Danica McKellar to have some kind of sexy television show? I know she's really into math and numbers so, it could be about all that stuff. Of course, I realize that I often have this idea whenever I see Danica McKellar being sexy, but as we've established there isn't enough Danica McKellar sexiness in the world. Our tanks are low and the only way to fill them up is with Danica McKellar being sexy. And I'm doing my best here to get the universe to pay attention so we can get more and more and more sexy Danica McKellar.

Whenever I'm feeling run down and low energy, I know what the cause is; lack of Danica McKellar sexiness. When that happens, you gotta go back to your Danica McKellar sexiness reserves because there just isn't enough Danica McKellar in the world. Come on, universe, give us more Danica McKellar sexiness!

via Danica McKellar on Instagram

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