Lucy Gives Her Boyfriend Some Fine Road Head

July 5, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Yay For Road Head!

Here we have Los Angeles couple Lucy and Eddie and they are stuck in some of Los Angeles' very famous traffic. It is one of the worst cities in the country as far as traffic goes and getting anywhere at any time of the day requires a lot of planning and a lot of time to make sure that you can be anywhere with any punctuality. Lucy and Eddie make this downtime a whole lot more fun here.

Road head is awesome and traffic gives plenty of time to get right to getting your favorite guy off right there when he is in the driver's seat. Lucy gives Eddie plenty of oral and handjob sensation here and I love watching him get hard and harder here while letting out the occasional moan. I fucking adore public sex and here, they constantly risk other motorists seeing what they are up to. Tinted windows are not legal in the City of Angels so you know that they can be seen. So super, super hot.

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