Do We Need More Mila Kunis?

July 6, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Yes. Yes, We Need More Mila Kunis

Sometimes you have a question pop into your head and you feel you must ask it even if you know the answer. So, here we go... Do we need more Mila Kunis? I know the answer is "yes" or "hell yes" or "oh my god would you even ask a question like that, of course we need more Mila Kunis!" I can't argue with any of those statements, yet I still feel the need to ask.

I know we need more Mila Kunis. We would all be happy as clams if we had more Mila Kunis in our lives. Have you ever wondered how they measured the happiness of clams? It's something that I have wondered about for years. Sure, I know it's just a saying, but still... happy clams? Anyway, that's not really the issue before us. Right now, it's all about whether or not we need more Mila Kunis in our lives. You know, maybe the question isn't do we need more Mila Kunis in our lives, but how much more Mila Kunis do we need. Do we need daily Mila Kunis? Couple times a week Mila Kunis? That might be a personal decision, but it's one we should all give some thought to.

There are few in the world like Mila Kunis, that's one of the reasons we need more of her in our lives. To be honest, I think I'm leaning towards more Mila Kunis every day, but I'll continue to ponder. And by "ponder" I mean look at sexy Mila Kunis pics.

photos via Cosmopolitan

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