#TBT USA Today Stroked Some Heat

July 5, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by jack-blackbush

The Sun Can Make The Mercury Rise

Severe heat and heat stroke are no laughing matter. If you are someone who works outside or you need to be outside for any reason when it's really hot you should do your best to prevent getting overheated. You might think you're okay and then all of sudden you're dizzy, your body starts to cramp, and you think you see a sun jacking off a giant thermometer.

As the heat index rises all over the country and we are warned to avoid being outside for long periods of time, hydrate, and take breaks often, it's good to remember when the good people over at USA Today created probably the single greatest graphic to explain the dangers of heat. Yes, the sun is working hard, it's stroking that thermometer, getting those temps higher and higher, until the mercury almost bursts out of the tip! Yes, heat is a real danger. You know, it is a little tough to believe that no one caught this before they went to print. Then again, maybe they all saw it and thought it would help people remember the dangers of high heat by forever burning the image of the sun wacking off a thermometer in their minds.

Seriously, be careful on super hot days. Don't push yourself. Remember what the sun giving a handy to a thermometer says.... I honestly don't remember what it says, it's kind of hard not to laugh.

photo via USA Today

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