Is JoJo Really Dressed?

July 5, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Why You Wearing See-Though, JoJo?

While we all enjoy a hottie, like JoJo, wearing a full see-through ensemble this reminds me of the age-old question: if you are wearing an entire outfit that is see-through, are you really dressed? You know, it's one of those tree falling in woods questions, we may never have an answer.

All we can do is enjoy JoJo in this see-through ensemble. Now, I have no idea if JoJo is rocking this outfit for a music video, a live show, or some other random reason. Honestly, I'm hoping it's for some video or a super sexy photo spread because I think we'd all like to see more of JoJo in this outfit. Sure, she's holding her boobs right now, but she can't hold them the whole time. Well, I mean, I think she's can't hold her boobs the whole time. Then again, if you got the chance to hold JoJo's boobs would you let go? She knows her boobs are hot, maybe she doesn't want to let go either.

So, let's all keep an eye out for more of JoJo in a see-through outfit. Hopefully, we'll know in a few days why she is wearing it. Until then, let's enjoy this Instagram post. Seriously, JoJo is super sexy in see-through.

via JoJo on Instagram

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