Betty Gilpin's Shower Scene Will Have You GLOWing

July 2, 2018 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Betty Gilpin In The Shower Is Steamy For Sure

Yes, you're are going to have to forgive the pun, I'm just too damn excited. The latest and greatest season of GLOW is available for streaming and if you didn't race to your TV or computer to watch it, do it now. I'm serious, stop whatever it is that you are doing and go see Betty Gilpin's incredible shower scene! Do it now! Now!

I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell in your face it's just that Betty Gilpin takes a shower in the new season of GLOW and everyone needs to see it. Betty Gilpin is so damn hot and the first season we didn't get a chance to see her beautiful body and now we get to see it and... just go and watch the new season. While I was hoping for a group shower this season I'm not going to complain about seeing Betty Gilpin completely nude. You know, I've been a huge fan of her huge boobs for a long time that I don't think I ever gave much attention to Betty Gilpin's rear end. It's kind of great. Betty Gilpin has a fantastic ass. I'm sure there are some out there who already knew this and can't believe I didn't know it. To them I say, you are right... you are so right.

So, kick back and watch some ladies wrestling in the 80s and get the chance to stare at Betty Gilpin's beautiful nude body. Seriously, GLOW is such a wonderful show.

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