Can Danai Gurira Be In A Beach Movie Now?

June 29, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

We Need Danai Gurira In A Bikini On The Big Screen

From what we've seen of Danai Gurira we know she can be a badass, and we love her for it, but after flipping through these pics of her in Women's Health magazine I'm kind of hoping that we can have a Danai Gurira beach movie. She'd make one sexy beach-goer.

Danai Gurira could be a surfing champ trying to put her life back together after missing a big wave or she could be a small business owner who opens a shop on the beach, pretty much anything with a beach and Danai Gurira I think would work great. If we could get her in a bikini, that would be even better. I guess if Danai Gurira wanted to be a badass of some kind on the beach, that would be okay too. Though, it would be nice to see another side of Danai Gurira and by "another side" I really do mean Danai Gurira in a bikini. I'm picturing that in my head and let me tell you, it's pretty damn awesome.

So, come on, Hollywood people, work your magic! Find a way to get Danai Gurira in a bikini on a beach for 90 minutes on the big screen. I'm sure you can do it. We believe in you and the sexiness of Danai Gurira in a bikini!

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