Top Five Throated Scenes So Far This Year

June 26, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

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I love, love, love giving blowjobs and watching blowjobs and the type of head featured on Throated is exactly the type of head that I like to give. I love getting throat fucked. I love getting out of breath from giving head, like I am underwater and can only breathe cock to stay alive.  I love the submission of giving my throat to a man. It's not a normal thing to give a lover and that submission is built into a throat fucking. We use our throats to speak, swallow nutrients, breathe and to give that throat to give the most of yourself to a man is a powerful, powerful thing. AVN Hall of Fame director Mike Quasar shoots the action here and conducts interviews with each woman before she goes ahead and gives her oral all. I fucking LOVE this website and the way that a woman throws herself into a blowjob always says a ton of about her character, in my opinion. The young women featured in these five scenes do a great, great job at throat fucking, in my opinion. I list the scenes below in no particular order and really, you should check out every bit of oral action on this website.

1) Anna de Ville and Ike Diesel in "Anna's Throating Spit Fest"

Anna de Ville talks about her recent move to Prague in the Czech Republic before she gets to the hardcore oral with Ike Diezel. She loves the hardcore porn scenes they shoot out there and experiencing the world as a traveler. Her sense of adventure is on display here as she gets her spit flowing to let Diezel access her throat with ease. The POV she gives here is wonderful stuff and her red hair flows down her shoulders in the most gorgeous way as she spits up spit and other fluids from going deep on him. I love how her mascara runs down her pale cheeks here too.

2) Jada Stevens and Donny Sins in "Throatfuck Me!"

Booty Queen Jada Stevens talks about this being her first time on the site....but actually she has three scenes on the site. Oops. Before her scene with Donny Sins, she talks about how porn brought her out of her sexual shell. That was a glorious gift to the world, wasn't it? With an ass like hers and ten years in porno movies under her belt, it would be understandable if she only went halfway in her efforts to take Sins' cock all the way down her throat. Oh, she shows why she is super loved here. She is super great at gagging his dick down even though she admits that she doesn't always like how some of her costars' cum tastes. Whatever, she is still fucking fantastic and Sins is amazing with her here.

3) Karma Rx and Ike Diezel in "Gag Lover"

Inked blonde Karma Rx is a fantastic new hardcore performer who was massively requested by the Throated members to get her throat and mouth thoroughly reamed here. Fueled on Red Bull, she says that she loves sex and she loves the world seeing what she loves. Her tits are amazing and she loves joking about how fake they are. She says she wants to "suck Ike Diezel's soul out through his cock" and that she keeps the souls of the men she has already sucked "in a jar at home". I have no problem believing that at all, ladies and germs. Rx is a dedicated, dirty, dirty cocksucker who gets right down to business here and that business is gooooooodddd.

4) Kendra Spade and ? in "The Apprentice"

Asian porn starlet Kendra Spade could not come as friendlier or hotter in this scene if she tried. She talks about always wanting to be the best she can be at whatever she tries and the lucky unidentified gent in the scene with her plugs her nose while she has her throat full of him to make her pant and gasp when she comes off of him. Spade loves getting her throat fucked here and she even gets her pretty tits fucked. She is SO much fun to watch.

5) Sarah Vandella and Isiah Maxwell in "Throated Queen"

There is no way I could talk about this website without talking about the site's reigning blowjob queen Sarah Vandella. It's her eleventh year in porn and Vandella shows no slowing down when she is presented with Isiah Maxwell and his cock. She loves, loves, loves giving up air in favor of breathing his cock into her throat and letting her face fuck her into oblivion. It is a wet, gooey, spit-covered affair and she is a MILF who loves giving every bit of herself to this oral. You owe it to yourself to watch Vandella work here.

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