Molly Mae and Marilyn Mansion Enjoy Passionate, Romantic Time Together Over at Twistys

June 26, 2018 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Girl/Girl Rubdown!

Young lovers Molly Mae and Marilyn Mansion share some intimate, romantic time together in their new scene over at Twistys. They meet in the nude in a room of their house that they have loving set up as a mini-spa. The massage table has a pristine white sheet on it, there is a bottle of massage oil at the ready and there are rose petals strewn everywhere. Wow, that room must smell wonderful. I love roses; they are just the ultimate romantic accessory.

They get right to rubbing each other down and coating each other's bodies in the oil. Wow, these two are fucking beautiful. They have such great, natural, young bodies. I love how Mansion arches her back so that we get a view of her soaking wet pussy while loving Mae touches her body. Lots of pussy licking and fingering happens here with the two just enjoying the hell out of the sensuous time that they have been given to enjoy each other in. I love the romance of this scene so much. I think just about everyone needs more romance in their lives in general, except for these two.

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