Was That A Beaver Flash During NHL Draft?

June 25, 2018 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

At Worst, It's A Panty Flash

We've all seen our fair share of boob flashes during sporting events, especially in hockey. I can't tell you the number of pressed boobs I've seen during hockey games, I honestly think it might be part of the sport. But if you happened to be watching the NHL did we get to see a vag flash?

I really don't know if it was a flash or an oops, but it does seem like we are seeing someone's downstairs. Sure, it could be the person is wearing tan or flesh colored panties, it's really had to tell. Even when viewed in full screen it's tough to make it out for sure. Though, I guess you would have to ask yourself if the NHL Draft a place where one doesn't wear underwear? I don't know, maybe this person was a big fan of someone and thought that if she didn't wear undies her team would draft them? The only thing I'm pretty sure of is hockey needs more crotch shots and I don't mean players hitting each with sticks in their neither regains.

At best we are seeing a little muff at the NHL Draft. At worst we are seeing a combo panty flash, camel toe at the NHL Draft. You know, this kind of redefines "penalty box".

via the nip slip

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