Trixie B Squirts Alone In The Mall Parking Lot

June 25, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Get Up Close With Trixie!

Atlanta amateur porn performer Trixie B. gives us this super up close and very personal view of a public masturbation session that she recently had in a mall parking lot there. I have gotten my pussy fucked well in a mall parking lot in the past but I have never masturbated in a mall parking lot so this sweet lady has one up on me with this scene. She gives us a super close view of the action which probably makes the public masturbation easier to do.

She only stops her jilling off stride once. Maybe someone was getting their Bath & Body Works purchase to the car near her. Who knows, other than Trixie B? She rubs her pussy with determination here, giving us a super view of her engorged clit and the pretty pink inside of her pussy. We definitely get to see her squirt too. This is why you should always have a towel in the car. You never know when it is going to come in handy but it will definitely come in handy eventually.

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