A Yellow Amber Rose Is Beautiful

June 26, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

No One Else Can Pull Off This Bikini

For most people the most beautiful rose is the red rose. I get it, it's the most popular, it means loves, it's what we see in movies and television shows, and no matter the occasion a red rose is always a good choice. But I would like to suggest the next time around you go with a yellow rose. Yellow roses are quite lovely and they'll remind you of Amber Rose in a yellow bikini and that's really freaking hot.

I can safely say I've never seen a bikini like the one Amber Rose is rocking and I can also say that only Amber Rose can pull this bikini off. Seriously, I don't want to see anyone else trying to pull this one off because it's not going to work. I mean, she's wearing yellow. Yellow is a tough color to pull off for most people, there are only a select few who can wear it and make it work. Amber Rose and her incredible body make it work. She really, really makes it work. And yes, I totally want to know what those tanlines would look like. I have no idea if she's getting sun on her arms or not with that see-through fabric, but this question has made her bikini just a touch sexier.

So, yellow rose is now far superior to the red rose. Though, if Amber Rose has a red version of his bikini then red might be back on top.

via Amber Rose on Instagram

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