Euroslut Adores Her Womanizer

June 22, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Gotta Love The Womanizer

Hot blonde amateur performer Euroslut shows her love and the general awesomeness of a Womanizer here in this clip. Womanizers are so, so freaking amazing. I love mine and my cleaning lady is a serious devotee the one I gifted her for Xmas. She says it is the highest tech sex toy she has ever owned and that she thinks that every woman in this country needs to be air dropped one immediately. She also shared that her husband is lowkey intimidated by how quickly the Womanizer can get her off. He digs watching her with the toy but he also had his mind kinda blown by how fast it works in getting her totally cared for. We both agree that more women needs Womanizers instead of bad relationships.

Anyway, this happy woman experiences some fine looking orgasms from her Womanizer and watching her pussy get wetter and wetter is a total treat. We also get to see her pussy squeeze good and hard from her orgasms. Queefing happens but wow, her pussy is a pretty one.

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