Do You Really Need That Scarf AnnaLynne McCord?

June 19, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Maybe AnnaLynne McCord Is Just Warm Enough

If one decides to hang out, outdoors, with no clothes on, then one should feel free to do that. It shouldn't matter where or when, especially if that person who wants to hang out, outdoors, with no clothes on is AnnaLynne McCord. So, I feel I have to ask this question... do you really need that scarf, AnnaLynne McCord?

Now, sure, I like the rest of the world would love nothing more than to see AnnaLynne McCord topless in some kind of outdoor chair or swing or whatever it is, that's not the issue. I'm not asking solely for that reason, though there is a reason, the reason why I'm asking if AnnaLynne McCord needs that scarf is because if she is cold, I don't know how much the scarf is going to help. Yes, seeing a scarf gently draping over her boob, giving us a fair amount skin to look at is wonderful, but would the scarf be the go-to item if warm up? I would like socks or sweater vest or something else before I'd go to scarf. Then again, I don't do much hanging out, outdoors, with no clothes on so what I do know?

Maybe AnnaLynne McCord is right and the only thing one needs to stay at the perfect temperature while hanging out, outdoors, with no clothes on is a scarf. She's really making me warm so it wouldn't surprise me at all to learn she's pretty warm as well.

via AnnaLynne McCord on Instagram

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