Lily Rose Depp Is Topless-ish!

June 16, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Closer And Closer To A Truly Topless Lily Rose Depp

Yes, Lily Rose Depp is topless in every sense of the word. She not wearing a top of any kind. Not a shirt or a bikini or even a bra... it just so happens that a cornucopia of necklaces happens to block her nips. So, yes, Lily Rose Depp is totally topless-ish.

Now, let's not get all down and sad and upset at the designer of those necklaces. I mean, there is no point in yelling at them, they didn't do anything. They aren't the ones who prevented us from seeing Lily Rose Depp's boobs. It's just a thing, call it fate or wardrobe or whatever, but today is not the day for us to see Lily Rose Depp's unobstructed boobs. And that's okay. That fact shouldn't take away from how awesomely beautiful Lily Rose Depp wearing nothing more than a bunch of necklaces truly is. She's showing off some cleavage, some under boob, and a touch of side boob. Really, this is one hell of a beautiful picture of Lily Rose Depp, it's just not a topless pic in the biblical sense.

It's coming, as sun as the sun sets and rises again. The day will get here when Lily Rose Depp goes topless and we will all rejoice. For now, let's just enjoy Lily Rose Depp being technically topless.

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