Lea Thompson Got Nude Thanks To Tom Cruise

June 15, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Can't Imagine Life Without Seeing Lea Thompson Nude

While I will always thank Tom Cruise for Top Gun, I really love that movie, I never thought I find myself thanking him for nudity. Yet, here we are, needing to thank Tom Cruise because without him we might have never seen Lea Thompson nude.

Back in 1983 Lea Thompson was in a film called All The Right Moves and as we recently learned there was a nude scene (two scenes actually) that she didn't want to do. Then came Tom Cruise to save the day. As she puts it:

“[The producers] wanted me to show my breasts twice in the script,” the 57-year-old recently recalled to Closer Weekly. “I didn’t even audition because I didn’t want to take my shirt off, but I got the part and was like, ‘OK.’

“Tom managed to talk them out of one of the [nude] scenes, and in the second, he said, ‘Well, if she has to be naked, I’ll be naked, too.’ That’s pretty badass! I’ve always been grateful to him for standing up to the producers.”

Man, I can't imagine going through life without having seen Lea Thompson nude. Even if weren't a child of the 80s you still love the movie All The Right Moves because Lea Thompson gets nude in the film. If you haven't seen this film, please make the effort to do so. I promise you'll love it and after watching it and see Lea Thompson nude, thank Tom Cruise.

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