Top Five Mommy Blows Best Scenes So Far This Year

June 14, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

MILF Oral Greatness Is What's Served Over at Mommy Blows Best!

Ah, experience. There is really something to be said for it. Sure, the dewy innocence of youth sure can be hot to look at but there is most definitely something about the way that a MILF knows exactly what to do with her body that really can inspire lust in a knowledgeable person. MILFs can also sometimes get less attention from the more short-sighted members of the population so a MILF sometimes will work a bit harder at giving pleasure and keeping a partner satisfied. I love MILFs and I think that the world should give all of them a lot more love and recognition for what they do for the porn world. Over at Mommy Blows Best, the blowjob abilities of porn's more seasoned ladies are saluted, lauded and focused on. Here, I have named my five favorite scenes from this fine website so far this year. Feel free to go discover your favorites over there. Here are my picks, in no particular order.

1) Chanel Preston and Isiah Maxwell in "Collide With The Dick"

Chanel Preston is fucking hilarious as a late to set, ditzy porn girl who keeps a miffed Isiah Maxwell waiting around to get the BJ scene over with. He is not happy at all until she shows up, prattling on about how her Uber driver got lost and she is wearing just a crop top and a pair of booty shorts. She peels out of them for her scene's wardrobe which is a bra that just barely covers her nipples and g-string. Maxwell gets right to fucking Preston's throat in a messy, messy scene where Preston shows exactly why she is such a big star. She uses her hands brilliantly here, he tit fucks her and you will want a blowjob of your own from Preston for sure by the time you have finished watching this scene.

2) Della Dane and Ricky Johnson in "Miss Parker"

Della Dane is an absolute delight here as a woman who has come to terms with her inner slut in this scene. She likes to dress in lingerie and orally serve the young men in the neighborhood and today, Ricky Johnson is the man who gets to experience her greatness. She wears really hot black lingerie for her scene here and she gets right to choking herself on Johnson's cock almost right away. Dane truly treats breathing like it is an overrated inconvenience in this and she is all about giving her mouth and throat to Johnson and his hard cock. She completely adores him too and the way she looks at him here is filled with affection and lust.

3) Ella Knox, Eva Long and Logan Long in "My Mom Taught Me"

Busty young beauty Ella Knox has the boyfriend of the moment Logan Long over and Knox's drunken stepmom Eva Long is there to teach virgin stepdaughter Knox how to satisfy a man with just her mouth and her tits. Eva overhears the young lovers quarreling because Knox wants to stay a virgin and Eva comes to the rescue with her teaching by doing method. The two women do a fine job of double teaming his cock and Logan just wants his mouth all over Knox's tits as much as he can manage. While he enjoys Knox's rack, Eva shows her worldly cocksucking experience off. Knox turns out to be quite the ball licker. Families are awesome!

4) Mercedes Carrera and Logan Long in "Hot Mama"

Top MILF Mercedes Carrera loves showing off her body to her new stepson Logan Long. She loves showing off her body to him when she knows she should not be doing that and when she finds out that he has a big cock, she is all about having some taboo relations fun with him. She aggressively gets him out of his pants and into her mouth, giving him a wet, hot cock sucking. She loves using her tongue all over his shaft and she is the one in charge of every minute of her scene with Long here. After all, she IS the mommy and the one who knows and blows best!

5) Sofie Marie and Matt Sloan in "Sofie Sucks"

Matt Sloan is having trouble asking the girl he likes to the prom when his step-aunt Sofie Marie shows up and asks him what he's doing. He is practicing asking a girl to the prom and Marie suggest that he practice his approach on her. She has him ask her for a blowjob and she is all about giving it to him, seeming to be looking for an excuse to get in the hot, young guy's pants. Imagine that! She gets right to turning her face red from swallowing him down. So helpful!

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