Marilyn Mansion Is A Clumsy, Sexy Skater Girl Over at I Know That Girl

June 12, 2018 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown


Sexy skater girl Marilyn Mansion just is not all that good on wheels in her new scene over at Mofos' I Know That Girl website. She hurts herself and luckily for her, the cameraman is there to help her out. He rubs her injury and she makes a big old pass at him, right there in his garage. She starts sucking his cock and surprise! His wife is home. Mansion had no idea that this guy had a wife but she hides from a recycling bin.

Once out of the garbage when the wife is not around, she gets right back to getting off with this guy. They head into his SUV to get back to fucking and she has a fine, fine ass that bounces beautifully while she gets her pussy filled. She even puts one of her fingers in her ass to make her pussy tighter and to give herself that double penetration sensation while she feels him inside of her. Once they are done, she is seen by his wife! Uh oh! Well, it's not her problem, is it?

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