Did Beyoncé Release a Picture Book Honoring Her Ass?

June 12, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Beyoncé's Ass Is Priceless

I'm not going to lie, if Beyoncé's book is all about her rear end, I'm going to buy the limited edition hardcover copy, even if they only make a certain amount. I don't know if that is actually what On the Run Tour Book 2018 is actually about, but from these few pages, it seems to be all about Beyoncé's glorious rear end.

I guess maybe it's some kind of promotional book for her tour or something like that, I don't know. I don't know why Beyoncé would feel the need to help spread the word of her tours, they get reported on from the moment it's announced until the final show. Still, if any of us really need a reason to look at pictures of Beyoncé's nude butt. Though, I am wondering if the only way you can get a copy of Beyoncé's ass book is to go to one of her shows. I'm not sure I know anyone who could afford those tickets. Maybe someone will be selling bootleg and water damaged copies in the parking lot. Also, we should all keep our eyes on Ebay, see if anyone is selling a copy.

Sure, it might cost a buck or two to get this book filled with pictures of Beyoncé's rump, but her ass is priceless. Let's all cross our fingers that we'll get some pictures from this book and maybe some higher quality images. Though, even grainy Beyoncé's behind is pure perfection.

photos via On the Run Tour Book 2018

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