Mickey Mouse Gets Head On Wheels!

June 12, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Hey There! Hi There! Ho There!

The leader of the club that is made for you and me is here getting his cock sucked at the roller rink in this clip. This Minnie Mouse is a lot sluttier than the Minnie we are used to seeing him with but who knows? Maybe Minnie is a lady on the Main Street USA and a freak in the Mouse's private Fantasyland, you know? Hey's it is all possible.

I am personally not sure how I would feel about witnessing Micky Mouse getting head in person but I do like the ass on this Minnie very much. She is all about getting his cock out of his red pants which I am sure would be tough for him to do himself with those big gloved hands. The fact that the woman is coordinated enough to give quality head on roller skates is impressive to me but I am naturally a klutz so I impress easy on that front. I do like the furry aspect of this fun and just how perverted it is.

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