Say Hello To Raven’s Juicy Ass

June 13, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Meet Raven

This is Raven. She lives in New York state, she is 32 years old and wow, she has a delicious looking, big ass. Also, feel free to mute the terrible techno that was tacked on to this as the soundtrack for looking at Raven's ass. It is just awful and does not enhance the beauty of her butt at all. Anyway, back to the awesomeness that is raven's big, beautiful ass....

Man, how would a person not want to study this nice, big butt for days? She is so, so pretty. She starts off in jeggings and peels down to that thong that struggles to cover her meaty labia. Fuck, her body looks like it would be so fun. I love the POV shot of her on her knees bending herself downwards as if she is going to sit on our faces. Sigh. I love the look of the nude thigh highs on her too. Another thong here is even thinner and gives us such a view of her pussy before the big reveal where that thong comes off.

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