Zack and Sara Have Some Prostate Massage Fun

June 11, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Prostate Rubbing Fun!

Amateur performing couple Zack and Sara decide to go ahead and show how much fun a good prostate massage can be in their latest scene together. After her putting on her latex gloves and her complaining minorly about the Astroglide he picked up for this action, she gets right into getting her fingers rubbing his prostate. This makes him rock hard and she uses her other hand to lube up his cock and stroke him.

First off, I love the glove usage. It prevents any fingernails from cutting or slicing the super delicate tissue inside his ass and really, Sara, that water-based Astroglide is a super choice for anal/stroking over Vaseline. Those gloves also make the cleanup a breeze for her in case he is just not so fresh down there. She uses her fingers to work his prostate, using the other hand to stroke his cock and eventually, he pops his load all over himself. Prostate massages are just the best, I have been told. Go check out this one and more!

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