Little Red Panty Smokes and Jills Off For Our Viewing Pleasure

June 8, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Nighttime Rub Time!

Amateur performer Little Red Panty goes ahead and gives herself a relaxing evening at home in this clip. She wants to have a smoke so she has it sitting next to a wide open window. You can't have your place all smelling of cigarette smoke, can you? No one likes that. You know what goes well with smoking? Masturbating. I don't smoke myself but I can totally see how it would be a positive towards edging.

With her bathrobe wide open next to the open window where her neighbors could totally see her touching herself, she gets down to business and starts rubbing away on her clit. She takes breaks to inhale more nicotine and watch a train go by. I love watching her chest rise and fall here and the sounds that she makes as she gets off even if we do not get to see her face. She has such milky, lovely skin and she definitely loves the smoking/masturbation combo a ton. Go check out more of this lovely lady!

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