Is Sofia Richie The New Bikini Goddess?

May 30, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Sofia Richie Has A Heavenly Bikini Body

Just taking a look at her really sexy Instagram bikini pics I'm starting to think that she might have the best bikini in town. Sure, there could be arguments for others, but when you really think about it Sofia Richie looks pretty damn awesome in a bikini thong.

I know it's a huge to deal to declare someone the new bikini goddess, that comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to wear bikinis all the time, look sexy on Instagram and in other places, it can be tricky to navigate. Yet I feel like Sofia Richie could do it. She could wear bikinis all the time, be super sexy in many different places, and pull it off with such ease. Sofia Richie looks fantastic in a bikini. One could very easily argue that Sofia Richie looks better from the front than the back and vice versa. When that happens you know someone has what it takes to be a bikini goddess.

Though I guess we could have more than one bikini goddess. It's kind of cool to think of a bunch of heavenly bodies in bikini laying around on some beach somewhere deciding the fate of all mankind. Let's be honest here Sofia Richie in a bikini could each and every one of us to do just about anything.

via Sofia Richie on Instagram

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