Ashley Tisdale's Nip Slip In Pink Is Pretty

May 29, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Ashley Tisdale's Nip Slip Is Great

Most of the time an accident is a bad thing. Car accidents, cooking accidents, and general mishaps and mayhem. None of us like being a part of or witness to an accident, they can really ruin your day. There is only one kind of accident that is every a good thing, and that my friend, is the nip slip. These happy accidents are something we live for and are especially great when it's a nip slip by Ashley Tisdale.

Of course one always has to wonder if the nip slip was an accident or an on-purpose when someone is wearing a rather see-through shirt and no bra. Ashley Tisdale is rocking a pretty pink top that's got a few openings in certain locations. Any sudden or certain movements could easily expose a nipple so, Ashley Tisdale had to know that a beautiful nip slip was a possibility. That often leads one to believe that Ashley Tisdale totally wanted to show off her nipple. Then again, maybe she didn't notice. Or didn't care. Really, this is a question we'll never know the answer too. But that's okay because we get to see Ashley Tisdale's nipple and that makes everything better.

On purpose or by mistake, it'll never change the awesomeness of the nip slip. And this Ashley Tisdale nip slip is pretty damn great.

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