We Salute You, Body Paint!

May 16, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Paint Just Makes Naked Bodies Hotter

Growing up each and every one us attempted to paint ourselves. Whether we were in art class or at home with that rectangle watercolor set, there was a time when the most fun any of us could have was to splash our skin with a bit of color. Of course, we always got in trouble for it and no doubt never, ever painted on ourselves again. Though we really should have kept going because little did we know we could have a career out painting hot celebrity bodies.

While it seems to be more in the realm of fashion these days, painting one's body can be found in movies, television, and other random places. Whether it's done for humor or art or something in-between throwing some paint on a naked body is pretty damn. No doubt each and every one us is currently thinking of our favorite celebrity who has been all painted up for something. For me, it's Emily Ratajkowski. She's done it the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and let me tell you, paint has never looked more beautiful.

You know, they say that watching paint dry is boring, but I bet if you created a channel nothing but hot celebrities getting painted and then drying it would the highest watched channel ever. I know I'd be binge watching. So, the next time you raise a glass to celebrate be sure and take a moment to honor the awesomeness is body paint. We Salute You, Body Paint!

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