Brooke Haze Gets Spun and Fucked Over at Don’t Break Me

May 15, 2018 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Brooke Gets Fucked In Circles!

Sexy, petite Brooke Haze gets to make her entrance getting carried while bound up in a sheet in her new scene with J-Mac over at Mofos' Don't Break Me website. She is such a petite thing at just barely over five feet tall and weighing one hundred pounds. J-Mac loves lifting her in the air and showing us how small she is but she is about to take a whole lot of his dick inside of her and that is quite impressive, given her diminutive size.

He whips his erection out and it is almost as long as her forearm. He even balances a fidget spinner on the tip of it for some reason. I am guessing it is in tribute to her status as a spinner but hey, it could be some new porn mating thing that I am unaware of as of yet. I have to say that I am pro-dick fidget spinner balancing. It seems like quite the skill to acquire in this life. Haze gets her pussy fucked wide open here. Go check it out!

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