Oh My, Coco Is Hot

May 15, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Not Much Else To Say When Coco's Hot Body Is On Display

Look, I'm not really sure what all I'm supposed to say here. Nicole Austin, better known as Coco, is not wearing much of anything and that, my friends, is all kinds of amazing. She's got one hell of a body and I don't need to say much to anything to let you know how amazing it is. Coco's body pretty much speaks for itself.

You know, I feel like making a joke about how we can all see why "Ice Loves Coco", but I feel like it would be a little out of place. Not because I don't enjoy making jokes, it's just that Coco has such an incredible body I feel like the humor would be out of place. There's nothing funny about Coco's amazing body and it should be honored and respected. I mean, she's nice enough to show it off to us we should return that favor and nice enough to sit her quietly and enjoy the beautiful sight.

Look, I've had your attention for too long now and I feel kinda bad for that. Coco and her beautiful body are right in front of you and you don't need me babbling in your ear all damn day. So, I'll mind my business and let you mind your business. And by "business" I mean Coco in a see-through outfit.

photos via Many Vids Magazine

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