No Need To Cover Your Face Dania Ramirez, You're Naked

May 15, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Dania Ramirez Has A Beautiful Body And Face

I totally get Dania Ramirez being nude on a bed, that makes total sense to me. I really get the why someone would want to snap a picture of that, it's one hell of a beautiful site. Posting on Instagram makes total sense because everyone wants to see a nude Dania Ramirez on a bed. What I don't get is why in the world Dania Ramirez would want to cover face? Besides the fact she's beautiful, it doesn't make much sense to cover up anything when you're completely nude.

You know what it could, maybe someone asked her that age-old question of "what would you cover up if all your clothes fell off in public?" For many people, myself included, the first answer is always to cover up your goodies. But the real answer would be to cover up your face. People have seen goodies before, but they haven't seen your face before so, might as well hide that. Still, don't get why Dania Ramirez would cover up anything. She's like super duper hot, no need to cover anything up.

Probably the real reason Dania Ramirez covered her face is she's embarrassed for Instagram. Their terms and conditions about nudity are so stupid the only thing we can do is put our hands over our faces.

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