Jasmine Riley Gets It On With Her Stepbrother Over at Stepsiblings Caught

May 14, 2018 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Everybody Loves A Prank War!

Blonde cutie Jasmine Riley is in the middle of a prank war with her stepbrother Logan Long in their new scene together over at Stepsiblings Caught. These can be fun and theirs is fueled by wanting to get busy with each other but they don't because of that whole stepsiblings thing. After Riley surprises Long with a water gun, he gets even by putting itching powder in her panties. Ouch! From there, she gets in the shower to wash off and he goes ahead and lowers the temperature of her water to freeze her out.

She comes out of the shower naked and he flashes her his erect cock to counter her nudity. From there, he just can not resist sticking his cock right into Riley's tight, young pussy. A taboo relations fuck is on like Tron from there and she loves how good his cock feels inside of her. She is such a petite, hot girl, isn't she? Riley definitely loves watching Long's cock pump in and out of her. Go watch the whole scene to see it all!

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